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We only stand alongside the hardest working musicians; musicians who by their own strength burn a path into today’s music industry. We are a team of management, recording, branding, and booking experts that pushes the hardest working artists ahead to what they do not even know what is possible. We don’t shirk from naysayers, We overcome them. We don’t listen to trends, We make them. We don’t cower at obstacles, We burn a path. A global collective of musicians with a united focus to disrupt the status quo of the music industry by creating scalable sustainability.


Over the last nearly 9 years of history within Independent Ear we have been 100% self-funded, taking on no outside investment and “bootstrapping” our growth & success to this point. Historically, we have so-far amassed over 20 million units “sold/streamed,” had artist appearances on Billboard and iTunes Charts, performances in over 20 US states and 10 countries globally and production credits in independent films. Independent Ear Music Group will be owned & operated majorly by Phillip Ryan Block and John Hanifin. This duo has been able to cut their teeth in the musical industry both at the national and international level. They collectively have 25 years of experience working alongside some of the leading international artists & record label companies in the United States prior to Block bringing in Hanifin at the start of 2020.


Cooperation - We work with our solo artists and bands to make their dreams happen. We also encourage acts that we sign to help out their fellow label mates to make things happen. We truly do see everyone involved with Independent Ear as family. Independent labels cannot survive without cooperation at all levels.

Motivation and Innovation - We as a label require these two qualities in staff and those signed to our label. We don't see being independent as an excuse for mediocrity. We look to create environments both corporately and with our live performances that pushes individuals to create art without excuses. We want our fans to always feel that they aren't taken for granted. Every time they buy an Independent Ear album or see one of acts live we want to leave them feeling like our acts and our label is worthy to be called their favorite.

Community - Here at Independent Ear we have the motto of: We Are Independent But Not Alone. This means we look to not take anyone who supports for granted. That means from staff, signed acts, fans, to our street teams we wish to make people feel valued. We strive to listen to and make people feel like they can stake their claim in our label. We offer diversity in our roster in both genre and in global presence.

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