A lifelong mental health advocate, fan of music & supporter of those who create it lead Phillip Ryan Block to bring a crazy dream to reality and create a music company with little industry experience back in 2011. That company was Independent Ear. Founded under the knowledge that 1. the music industry is flawed and 2. relationships have the ability to change the world.

Independent Ear was the catalyst for what has become a unique career for Ryan including the creation of We, The Collective a creative business development agency in addition to the launch of a mental health focused podcast called The Open Heart Collective.



Mark is the founder of Burntcoat Capital. He is also the Managing Partner and a member of its investment committee. His primary responsibilities include overseeing Burntcoat Capital as well as qualifying investments, conducting due diligence, executing transactions and monitoring portfolio companies. The mission of Burntcoat Capital is to invest in socially and environmentally responsible companies and implement best business practices in these areas. Mark’s prior experience is in finance, private equity and real estate investments. He is also an entrepreneur. Mark currently sits on the board of several portfolio companies and nonprofit organizations.

Mark dedicates a significant portion of his free time as a volunteer and advocate for environmental causes and he supports several environmental nonprofit organizations through Burntcoat Capital’s enrollment in 1% for the Planet.




I am known as Eric Ellis, or simply “Blitz”, and I have been serving the entertainment industry for almost 30 years. Throughout these three decades, I have been able to master the most efficient strategies to scale business in the industry by working side by side with the most reputable producers, founding my Digital Marketing Agency Tromaloma LLC, and joining the prestigious luxury lifestyle brand, Billionaires Row.I have always had a great passion for education, learning and understanding everything around me in order to devise practical strategies in all aspects of my life. In particular, project management, the adrenaline of entrepreneurship and, overall, business have always caught my attention. Therefore, I pursued my advanced studies specializing in business administration and advertisement marketing at both Nassau Community College and St. John’s University.In my first steps in the business world, I became a well-respected recording artist in the entertainment industry following my adventurous spirit. Thus, I was able to make a name for myself working on Leaders of the New School TIME album, distributed by Elektra entertainment, recording on Tony Touch Power Cypher 50 Mcees Mixtape and even got a great recording deal with Oplus Entertainment.During these years, I developed my hardworking and responsible side. Working in such an industry allowed me to forge a work ethic that I am still proud of today. However, I felt it was time to take flight and challenge myself to become an innovator, a visionary, a pioneer, and complete my skill set as an entrepreneur.Today, after 30 years in the entertainment industry, I can say that I love my work and the people I share my projects with. I am currently the CEO and founder of Tromaloma LCC, a world-class Digital Marketing Agency. After 16 years, I can proudly claim that we have become renowned experts in business strategy, content marketing and digital consulting for the entertainment industry.Besides, I have been able to translate my unique insight into key strategies for scaling businesses as the Business Developer at Billionaires Row, a leading global brand that designs, develops, and markets luxury goods and unique experiences.My vision for the future is to progress on a personal and professional level by challenging myself to exceed my expectations in everything I do. I like to surround myself with inspiring leaders who remind me that I still have room for improvement, trendsetters, out-of-the-box thinkers to align myself and share values. In this way, I aim to disrupt the entertainment industry’s current paradigm with innovative and fearless ways to break the status quo.I like to network with professionals who live up to what they set out to be, and that advocate, as I do, for the values of transparency, accountability, integrity, respect and, above all, who work efficiently and always with a positive attitude. Let’s connect!



From an early age it was clear that music was Jasper his passion, growing up he studied the classical guitar. His passion for music ultimately lead him to audition for the Royal Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen, The Netherlands, where he developed himself into an accomplished performer. Seeking to further develop himself, he started working towards another degree for Media en Entertainment management, allowing him to specialise on the performance and the business side music industry. Eager to learn and wanting to be a positive influence on the music industry, he found the perfect placement with Independent Ear Music Group.



If I have to describe myself, I would say I found it important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, doing sports, having good company around me, making good food & drinks and combining everything with music. In my life everything is better if you combine it with music. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to work in the music industry in the first place, to be as close as possible to the music itself!

As a student I got the opportunity to work at Independent Ear Music Group, to grow as a person and fulfil my dream of working in the music industry. I want to bring my ideas to the table and create something with the people of Independent Ear Music Group.