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Throughout my childhood, I was never a big fan of Hip Hop/Rap.  Mostly because what I heard was on the radio. I had always liked Eminem and other big names like Jay Z but other than that, I didn’t listen to any other music in the genre. But when I moved to Florida in 2006, EVERYTHING changed.

I began to fall in love with Hip Hop after listening to Lil Wayne. He had this way of relating words to other meanings that would just make you bust out in laughter. Mainly because of how incredibly genius the line was. It showed me that it wasn’t just music. It was poetry. One day, we had an idea. Brandt, Robby, and myself grabbed a guitar hero mic, plugged it into audacity, and went over a Lil Wayne beat that we were obsessed with. On that very day, Cliz was born.

First thing I needed to do was find myself. I started writing about the typical things you hear about on the radio; money, cars, clothes, etc. Quickly after, I realized that wasn’t me because I didn’t relate to the wealth. The first real song I ever wrote was about my cousin, Ryan, who passed in July of 2006. After writing that song, I was positive that my purpose was to tell stories and paint vivid pictures through song and poetry.

When you hear my music now, you hear my pain, struggle, and determination like never before.  That is why I created my brand “May Nothing Stop You”.  So that I can give those people that have gone through similar situations hope to carry on. Hope for a better tomorrow. That is why I write. That is why I am Cliz. 

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