Joe Devadanam aka JD Lion took a winding and unconventional path to becoming a solo artist. A professional drummer hailing based in Austin, TX, he has been a versatile session drummer of over 20 years. He has  played with many Americana, Rock, and Country artists over the years, and has racked up many endorsements in the drumming community and various brands. His endorsements and brand partnerships include, Los Cabos Drumsticks, 7drums, TX Whiskey, MusicDoingGood, and others.

As a drummer, through various acts, he’s amassed a very long touring history that spans over 20 years. Devadanam has completed many national tours, has a long history of touring across multiple regions, and has earned the respect of his colleagues. He is no stranger to the media as he has appeared in many interviews, podcasts, featured in Drum Magazine, and was even an extra in a movie! 

Devadanam has a lengthy recording history and production always seemed to follow. As a Drummer/Producer, Devadanam believes in “genreless” music, and believes that the future isn’t tied to a particular genre, but rather a multitude of sounds that blends classic and future sounds to make the new American music. 

Outside of music, Devadanam is a family man, a huge sports fan, dog lover and contributes to many charities based around animal welfare and conservation. 

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