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Ryan Thomas Holley


Ryan Thomas Holley is an Austin,Texas based Singer, guitarist, and songwriter. His family moved from Oklahoma to just outside of Austin in 1990.  His love affair with Texas music began upon arrival and continues on. After countless shows and recording sessions, he found himself playing to much bigger audiences, and on larger stages, nationwide. He made his way across the country in multiple musical outfits over the last twenty years as a vocalist or guitarist or both. He has played everything from large festivals to roadhouse dives, and loved every minute of it. Most recently, he parted ways with his longtime outfit, The American Revival, to pursue a new and different path.  His new music dives deeper into the darker elements of his writing, something that he has been waiting to release to the world for some time.  The style has been described as gothic americana, but it has many elements of his rock-n-roll roots. His first single, Home, drops on July 30th, 2021. 

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